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Production facilities of Kanj Group

The company Kanj Products Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in manufacturing of cosmetics, Talcum Powder for Brand Cuticura, Navratna, Skin123, Park Avenue, Denver, Chiccoetc. The Company has gone for enhancement of capacity from 12 Tons Per Day /3600 Tons per annum to 25 Tons Per Day / 7500 Tons per annum to now 45 Tons Per Day / 13500 Tons per annum with new facility construction this year.

Kanj has its own Sleeving, Labeling, co-pacing and storage unit to facilitate its own production. Kanj can help identify Vendors for blowing Pet Jars and PP bottles , Sleeves, Corrugated Boxes etc. for its Principal Parties to help better , Qualitative and Quantitative production.

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